3D Spooky Pumpkin soap mold

3D Spooky Pumpkin soap mold

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Product: RD-140U-111U
Side A: 3D Spooky Pumpkin
Side B: 3D Standard Round
Cavities: One
Soap Weight: TBD oz
Soap Size: 3" x 3" x TBD"
Plastic: 60-mil White ABS

Inspired by the Jack-O-Lantern, which derives from a ne'er-do-well Irishman named Jack. As the legend goes, Jack tricked the Devil into agreeing to never bother him again. When he passed away, he was turned away at the gates of Heaven, and the Devil kept his promise and would not allow him into hell. As a parting gift the Devil tossed Jack a burning ember, which he placed into a hollowed out turnip, to light his way as he wandered through eternal darkness on earth.

Jack-O-Lanterns are now placed on porches to protect the home from Jack on All Hallows Eve, in hopes that Jack will take the light rather than bother anyone.

This two-part soap mold will cast the bar of soap illustrated above. The soap mold features a convenient built-in funnel to facilitate filling, and precision keys designed to align the two mold halves together. Two Heavy Duty Rubber Bands are included, which are used to secure the two-part soap mold together during use.

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