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Aroma Beads are tiny, clear polymer beads for making sachets, room fragrances, and potpourri. Here are instructions on how to use these beads:

            Fill a glass jar with aroma beads, leave some room at the top

  • Add fragrance oil - you can use 1 - 2 oz of fragrance per pound of aroma beads.  It will depend on the fragrance, thicker, more viscous fragrances take longer to absorb
  • If you would like to add color, you may do so, but go easy! It only takes a drop. Be sure to use the liquid candle dye - water based dyes and chips will not work.
  • Cover your jar with a lid and shake well to distribute all of the oil through the aroma beads
  • Allow the fragrance to soak into the beads. This can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week or so, depending on the thickness of the fragrance oil. Shake your jar periodically to ensure complete mixing.
  • When your beads are completely dry, they are ready for use.  If you can't get them to dry, you may need to add some more beads to soak up the oil.  Just add more, shake well and allow to continue drying.


Once your beads are complete dry, you can use them in a variety of ways -- add them to sachet bags, use as a decorative accent with silk or dried flowers, car fresheners, etc.


You can also bake these into shapes.  Set your oven to 200 °F.  Using an old cookie sheet arrange your beads into the patterns you would like. The best way to do this is with old metal cookie cutters.  Just add your beads to the cutter.  Be sure not to make too thick! A nice layer in the cutter works well.  Then bake for 45 minutes.


Aroma Beads (Sachet Beads):  1 POUND

Fragrance-absorbing plastic beads; can absorb 30% fragrance oil. Add fragrance oil and liquid candle dye (if desired) to these aroma beads, and allow to set for approximately 1-5 days to allow the beads to absorb the fragrance and color. Use them as air fresheners in sachets, in smelly jelly jars, in closets, in automobiles, in lockers, in shoes, in vacuum cleaners, in drawers, in vacuum cleaner bags, in air cleaner vents, ect. These beads can also be used to make scented ornaments. You will make excellent profit margins with these products! 

Do not set scented beads on wood surfaces, plastic surfaces, or painted surfaces; the fragrance can damage these surfaces. Do not use aroma beads in a heated potpourri burner because they will melt. Do not use as candle wax, and do not place aroma beads near a flame.  The fragrance oils in these aroma beads can eat through certain types of plastics, so be careful when storing these products.  Remember to use warning labels on your products when selling them.  Due to the fact that aroma beads are not heated like candles are, they will naturally not have as strong as a scent throw. 

How to make 1 finished cup of aroma beads:  Mix 1/4 cup of your choice of fragrance oil and 1-4 drops of liquid candle dye (oil soluble color) .  Do not use food coloring, and do not use soap coloring.  We use 1-4 drops of candle dye depending on how dark or pastel we want our colors.  Pour this mixture over 1 cup of our aroma beads (sachet beads).  Use a wooden stick or a metal spoon and mixture.  If you are mixing your aroma beads in a container that has a lid, put the lid on and shake the bead mixture really well.  If you would like to add some sparkle to your aroma beads, add 1/4 tsp. of mica pigment or cosmetic grade fine glitter to your mixture while the beads are still wet.  Allow your aroma beads to absorb the fragrance and color for at least 1 day or until they become dry.  Some fragrances will take longer to dry.  If you notice that the aroma beads are still wet after 5 days, add a little more aroma beads to your mixture and shake.  Once the aroma beads are dry, you can put them in smelly jelly jars, or in sachet bags. 

How to make sachet bead hanging air fresheners and ornaments:  Prepare aroma beads as discussed above.  Place metal cookie cutters (the shape you desire) on a non-stick metal cookie sheet.  You will not be able to use this cookie sheet for baking food after you use it to make these fragranced products;  your food will taste like fragrance.  Pour approximately 1/4 inch of prepared aroma beads into the cookie cutters and spread evenly.  If you want a hole in your product so that you can later hang it, place a short 1/4 inch diameter screw in the spot where you want the hole to be located.  Place in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for approximately 4-5 minutes (or until the beads have melted together).  You may notice some smoking.  This is normal, but keep your eye on your products while they are in the oven.  Allow your ornaments to cool.  Remove the cookie cutter and the screw from the ornament, and peel the ornament from the cookie sheet.  You are done!  We do not recommend hanging these inside a hot car.  The aroma beads can melt at high temperatures.

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Fragrance Beads are tiny clear beads that absorb fragrance oil. They are perfect to use in air freshener sachets for your closets, drawers, cars, or even in your vacuum cleaner. You can also use them in a glass container as potpourri.

Absorbs up to 30% fragrance oil!

Must color with oil based color (candle or lip colors).

Be sure not to place the scented beads directly on wood or painted surfaces.


  1. To color the bead you will need to add a drop of liquid oil based dye to your fragrance oil and mix. The beads work the best with 15 to 20% of our fragrance oils.
  2. Add your beads to the colored fragrance oil.
  3. Stir the beads so they are colored evenly.
  4. Then let the beads dry. They take approximately 24 hours to absorb the fragrance and dry.
  5. Once the beads are dry you can put them in your containers, sachets, or even use them to stuff animals.
  6. The fragrance will last different amounts of time depending on the fragrance and the exposure.
  7. You can put more fragrance in the beads when they start to lose their scent.

These are hard little beads that will absorb fragrance oil over 1 week. Agitate several times a day. The beads will absorb the oil and become dry to the touch. Package in an sachet or organza bag. You can use candle or lip/lotion bar colors with these beads. Add glitter before color is dry if desire!

 There are many possibilities. Mix and match scents with different colors.  You can add herbs, dried flowers, corn cobs, colored stones, rocks and cut glass.  Use your imagination.  After a while you will become proficient at making your beads.

Sell them by the ounce or by the pound.  They are great for profit and fundraisers.  Put them in a fancy dish or organza bags.

Making Aroma Beads

  1. Start off with 1 TBL of oil and put it in a glass container or heavy plastic.  (LESS IS BEST when starting out.  You can always add more oil but you can't take it away.) If you use too much oil you will become frustrated because the oil will not soak up for you and you will have to add additional beads. If you don't have any more, it may be even more frustrating.   You can always add more fragrance.  You can add up to 2-3 TBLS of oil per cup of beads (1.5 oz).  Just be careful not to add too much.  You can add additional oil if you feel the need, however adding more oil is not necessarily going to make the beads smell longer.  Some fragrance oils absorb faster than others.  You can also use DPG to help smooth out the oils or when using essential oils. If using Essential oils, BE careful.  They absorb twice as fast as fragrance oils and sometimes DPG will help the oil flow better.
  2. Drop 1 drop of color (or to taste) in to the oil swish the color until mixed.  You may add more color as needed.  You may also add additional color after the beads are dry.  This will give the beads a variegated look.
  3. You CANNOT use food coloring or skin safe dye. It will bead up in the oil and come off on your hands or whatever it touches.  I have also tried rit dye.  It makes a huge mess and will get all over the place so you should stay away from it.
  4. Slowly add the beads to the glass jar. BE SURE THE LID IS ON TIGHT!  You may lightly swish to start the color process.  Shake the beads when all has been added to disperse the color and oil throughout.  The beads should be wet throughout. 
  5. Vigorously shake beads for a minute or two to be sure they are all mixed. Depending on the weight of the fragrance oil, your beads could take from a few hours to a day or two before the beads are complete. If it is not soaking up as fast as you would like, you can add additional beads.  Be sure you buy your beads from a reputable company.  Some beads are not absorbing and you could be hoaxed in to buying them. For example, the beads in beanie babies WILL NOT WORK!
  6. Every time you walk by your beads, pick up the container and shake them.  Essential oils do work differently. DO NOT leave them stand for very long, as they normally cure very quickly. Citrus oils will also usually cure quicker.
  7. When the beads are done, they should be dry to the touch and the jar should shake clean of beads on the sides.  There may be a  bit of residue at the bottom of jar, but that is okay.  Throw in a few unscented beads and shake in the jar.  Add them to your beads.  Most oils will cure within a 24 hours or less, Some heavier oils may day 2-3 days to cure.

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