3D Molds

Each two-part mold features a convenient built-in funnel to facilitate filling of the mold, also featured is a precision channel designed to align the two mold halves together, and eliminate leaking.

Two Heavy Duty Rubber Bands are included with each two-part soap mold, which are used to hold the mold tightly together during use.

Instructions for Use and Care of your Designer Soap Molds

Casting Temperature: Our soap molds have been successfully tested with glycerin temperatures of up to 194°F without warping. However, it is recommended to pour the soap base as low as possible, which will increase the mold's working life.

Tip: To avoid warping of the mold, it is important to use a thermometer to ensure that your soap temperature is below the maximum recommended casting temperature and decreasing.

Unmolding Times for Melt & Pour Glycerin: Most M&P glycerin can be unmolded from our two-part molds in 4 hours at room temperature. If it is still slightly difficult to remove the M&P glycerin at 4 hours, waiting longer or using the chilling technique described below will make it easier to unmold.

The techniques we recommend for filling and unmolding our two-part molds is to pour the cast full including a portion of the funnel. When the soap is ready to release, gently separate the two halves, until one half separates from the other. To unmold the soap from the remaining half, gently and steadily twist the mold (ice tray style), this will break the seal with the soap, which will then release easily.

Chilling M&P Glycerin: An unmolding technique we highly recommend is to chill the M&P glycerin to 55-60°F prior to unmolding. This temperature can be achieved by placing the room temperature glycerin into the freezer for approx. 15 minutes, or into the refrigerator for approx. 1 hour. Chilling the M&P glycerin within the molds will greatly aid in the release of the soap, and in a fraction of the time of unmolding at room temperature. The process we recommend for using this technique is to pour the glycerin into the molds, let stand at room temperature for 4 hours, chill to 55-60°F with 15 minutes in the freezer or 1 hour in the refrigerator, then unmold and let the casts set until the glycerin adjusts back to room temperature before handling. Please note: It is not recommended to allow the glycerin's temperature to drop below 55-60°F or to freeze when using this chilling technique, as the glycerin will sweat as a result.

Unmolding Times for Cold Processed Soap: It is recommended to let the soap stay in the molds for as long as necessary (usually 18-24 hrs. for CP, but even several days if necessary), until the soap has sufficiently solidified. Unmold the soap using the methods mentioned above. If the soap sticks to the mold, using a mold release may aid in the release of these types of soap.

Cleaning the Molds: Usually rinsing the molds in warm water is all that is necessary. You may also wash the molds in warm soapy water, if necessary, to remove any leftover oils and/or soap residue.

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