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Because of the LARGE number of unsolicited phone calls, I do not use a PHONE system.   I would be on the phone ALL day and would NOT BE ABLE TO SHIP orders if had to return phone calls every day.  I am sorry I can not take calls or make calls, I am doing other orders/things at the same time - trying to multitask,  and I make mistakes when I am on the phone.  I do try to get orders out as fast as I can, and I can not do this when I am talking on the phone.

If you want/need faster results PLEASE EMAIL me here!  THANK YOU for understanding!

Thanks for shopping with me!

I am almost ready to change the website over to the new.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.   These past 3 years have been the roughest of my life and I’m sure some of my customers have felt the difference in my service as the effects of some of my bumps.  I will share a little of what has been happening.

-          I got a divorce in June 2011 (from a unhappy marriage of 17 yrs) – we are still in court trying to work on the custody of kids.

-          I started to date a man a few months later, that later turned out to be a liar, thief and an emotional and physical abuser (I sure know how to pick them)

-          My “boyfriend” thought he knew more than me and decided to hire his friends for me in my business (that couldn’t care less about my business)  and I was too scared to speak up.

-          I moved locations 3 times (Sept 2011, Feb 2013 and August 2013)  that was so stressful and very confusing on where items were placed.  But the final move was a blessing in disguise. 

-          I had a baby in December 2012.  Although he is such blessing and a beautiful baby, I now have to deal with the “Dad” for 18 years. 

-          I finally moved away (from the boyfriend who was physically and emotionally abusing me) it was a secret move and with the help of my family and some true dear friends I was able to escape.  The day of the move the boyfriend found out and violated the order of protection that I had on him.  He was put in jail that night and later was sent to prison for 10 years for that and other pending charges that he had against him.

-          Once I moved there is no “hired-help” to mess up the orders (that’s all on me now!  J)

-          Well we are finally all set up at the new location and I learned that I need an new upgrade on my website (not like it has been giving me headaches for years with tons of errors – Ugh)  learning that I need to spend a couple thousand dollars on an already troublesome website (does not do well in Internet Explorer), I decided to switch to a new database and start over. (I have a few more gray hairs!)

So I am about done with the transition of the new site…and about fed up with the errors of the old site!  I am at the end of my rope with it. 

With all that being said I just wanted to say I’m sorry for all the troubles that we have caused and a sincere THANK YOU for your patience!!!

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