Beeswax Pellets - White

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Beeswax Pellets - White
The honey bee makes wax in order to build a hexagonal cell where honey is stored. Beeswax can vary in color from yellow to black, as the pollen carried by the bee affects the coloration. Our beeswax comes in white pastille drops, as it has been filtered and cleaned. Filtering the wax makes it free from insect body parts and stingers. It is most commonly used in lip products. Our beeswax is NF grade which means it meets all of the FDA regulations for cosmetic applications.
Measure by weight. Add to formula as directed..

Recommended use levels:

Lip Products: 2%, Increase as Desired
Lotion Bars: 5%, Increase as Desired                      

 INCI Ingredients: Beeswax (or) Cera Alba.

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