Where are you located... ILLINOIS

Can I pick up orders?

Yes you can, by appointment only. 
217 280 4501

What are your business hours?

Central Time  - Business Hours  
Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm
Saturday - Sometimes
Closed most holidays Monday through Friday. (if UPS will ship, I most likely will be open.) 

Can I shop at your location?
We are not a retail store. Not Yet anyway, I am working towards that in the future.

May I place an order while at your location
No. We are not zoned for retail.

What is your shipping method?
We ship UPS on most domestic orders (view
Ordering Information). I will ship USPS when items weighing less than 1 pound and for sample shipping... You can request USPS shipping as well. 

Do you have a minimum order amount?
We do not have a minimum order amount. All orders are welcome! Remember that shipping one 2-ounce bottle of fragrance most likely incurs the same shipping charge as three 2-ounce bottles of fragrance. UPS rounds their weights UP to the nearest pound.
The more you order at one time, the lower the shipping charges relative to your purchase.

Do you Offer Special Wholesale Pricings?
At this time, most of the products on the website offer quantity discounts.  If there are items that do not, there might some reasons why not::

1. I forgot to add them

2.  That the lowest I can go on the pricing, before I run into my costs. 

But the more you order, the better the discounts are for most of the products.  Also if you have any questions about some certain product, please feel free to Contact me.
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