Fragrance Oil

Our fragrance oils are specifically designed for scenting products.

They are used by Soaps Makers in both Melt and Pour and Cold Processed soap making; Candle Makers for use in Paraffin, Gel, and Soy wax;
Incense manufacturers and Toiletry producers to scent their lotions, gels and more.

This grade of oil will not seize or separate in most formulas as they contain NO Glycol (DPG), Alcohol or other cheap diluents. They are a thinner viscosity, geared for blending.
This grade of oil may be applied to the skin, when blended with other ingredients but is not suggested for direct application to the body as a perfume oil. No additional or artificial coloring is added to the Manufacturers grade oils. These highly fragrant oils will yield long lasting aroma with clear bold notes.

Yes, we do offer a fragrance description page Scent Descriptions. The descriptions have been created to give you a basic understanding of how an aroma may be interpreted. However, this is by no means a definitive description as each nose tends to interpret aroma quite differently. As such we make no warranty or guarantee that you or your customers will concur with these scent descriptions.

Q. How much fragrance should I use to scent Soaps ?  /  Candles?

A. Regardless of what product you scent, the amount used will vary from scent to scent as well as the strength desired of the final product. However, below is a general guideline and industry norm.

When scenting soap the industry standard is 3/4oz. We commonly suggest 3/4oz. to 1oz. per pound.

When scenting candles the industry norm is a 6% pour. We suggest a 6 to 7% pour or, 1 1/4 oz. per pound.

Q. How much fragrance do you suggest to scent a gallon of bath product?

A. The amount used will vary from scent to scent and how strong you desire the bath product to be. However, the industry standard is 1 1/2oz. per gallon.

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