Please let me know if you would like me to carry a certain size, shape or color for you!
You will find links to the templates for each of our standard label sizes.  To download the template you require just click on the icon of the template type you require or click on the "Download Templates" button located to the right of the label image, These templates are provided free of charge.
Tips for bottle labels

Measuring your bottle to see what size label configurations are good candidates is easy. Once you know the circumference of your bottle, you can find an appropriate label based on how much coverage you would like.

First find the diameter by measuring the bottom of the bottle from one side to the other. Then multiply this number by pi (3.14).

If you want your label to wrap around half of the bottle, the label length should be half of the circumference.

Once you pick a few label configurations you like, simply print out their template on standard paper. Next, cut out a label and tape around your bottle. You now have an instant preview of how your real labels will look. This will help you choose the best label configuration.
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