Are these skin care products natural?

Much hype is based around "natural". Nature is consistently, inconsistent-but try to incorporate alternatives wherever possible. The biggest fear are preservatives, which are necessary in every product for the prevention of mold, fungus, yeast, rancidity and bacteria; usually making up as little as .2%. in a formula.


Can I add my own unique additions to all the products?

-Soap will take color, botanical extracts and fragrance. Jojoba and shea butter in small amounts is OK. Regular oils will change the alkalinity and will promote rancidy, so we don't recommend this.

-Gels, shampoos and conditioners are water based and can accept color, botanical extracts, fragrance or essential oils up to 0.5%. Oils will break the viscosity and create separation in the formula.

-Lotions and creams are pre-made with the oils, so adding more outside of the initial formula will not bind well. Color, botanical extracts and scent are fine up to 1.0%..


What kind of natural colors can I use?

Outside of the oxides and ultra marines, there are few colors that will hold for any length of time. Ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB) are hard on most colored items. Natural colors like that found in food stores are of little use. If you use pigments or Food, Drug and Cosmetic (FD&C) grade colorants, shelf life can be 10 times longer, but eventually any clear packaged product will gradually fade. Pick natural rather than clear bottles. Wrap your soap and try to avoid direct sunlight, as color matching will be impossible next time.

Are there any concerns about bottling?

Simple precautions can avoid problems in contamination...

-Sanitize all containers and utensils with a .05% bleach solution (1 teaspoon in 1 pail of water), rinse and do not touch tips or the inside of containers with fingers

-Do not dip your fingers directly into the product to "test" it. Use a sanitized spoon and don't return it to the mixture.

-Don't use old bottles that have been rinsed out, they might be already contaminated.

-Do not fill bottles in areas with open windows, dust and dirt.

-Cap or cover soon after, air can introduce a host of problems.


Where do I get different bottles and caps?

Each customer sees their product in a beautiful and unusual package. This involves large minimums. A standard bottle is a good place to start, concentrating on brand identity, logo development and building a solid customer base. We do offer some different selections to choose from under OUR BOTTLES & JAR SELECTIONS.

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