Sample Requests:

I am sorry I do not send out free samples.

If you would like to buy singles via the website - they will be shipped via class mail. GLASS ITEMS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR SAMPLE shipping (because of weight and breakage).

Non Online Orders (Orders that are CALLED in or EMAILED/ FAXED)

Placing your order on our shopping cart is the fastest, most convenient method of ordering from us. It will also provide both of us with a written detail of the order; this will avoid order errors and miscommunications. Orders which we must enter manually for the customer regardless of the reason will incur a $8 manual entry fee.

Credit Cards - American Express, Discover, MasterCard & Visa, Paypal, Money Order or Checks*. All orders paid for with a personal check are held for 10 business days. It takes this amount of time for our bank to notify us of a bounced check.

Some additional notices:

a) All sales are final; there's no minimum order requirement

b) On orders which are refused by the customer or returned to us by UPS for any reason, S&H charges already paid will not be refunded

c) We need a certain number of business days to process and ship an order from the day an order is logged into our system. Orders are logged in the next business day after they're placed. The customer must allow for time in transit (we're located in Illinois). If you're curious about time in transit, please look for the link on our front page which takes you to the UPS Time In Transit Map (61401)

: Please allow 3 business days for an order to be processed and shipped after it has been logged into our system, not counting weekends and holidays. Orders are logged in the day after they're received

e) You may cancel an order, but a $10 cancellation fee will apply to an order which is not already prepared and packed. Please review under our Terms & Conditions for other cancellation penalties.

f) Out of stock items need to be reordered and new S&H charges apply. We will not notify you of out of stock items at the time the order is processed. You will see this information on the invoice which will be emailed to you. We do include packing slips with our shipments. Please keep a copy of the final invoice once it's emailed to you

Additionally, because of our dedication to fast turnaround times, cancellations, as well as additions and changes to orders can only be accepted up to four hours after your order has been placed. Credit Card/PayPal orders that are cancelled after packing for any reason are subject to a 15% or $10.00 restocking fee (whichever is higher).

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