Please note - I am still updating the shipping weights on products.  On this site, I want the end result of having the shipping cost shown are what you are charged.  The last site was only a GUESS (shown) and a % of only the amount that you bought.  It was never about weight on that cart.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW, if you run into trouble with the cart, shipping cost or even your account! I want to know right away so it can be fixed or the problem needs to be addressed.

 In reality it is about 3 things that contributes to the cost of shipping: the weight, size of your box and the location.

        -You may have 1-2 things (and they are cheap) but if they are big, but don’t weigh hardly anything…UPS and USPS will charge for the size and weight of the box. They are charging for the SPACE that the box is taking up on that delivery truck.  If they are heavy then you are paying for the weight of the box. 

        -You may live in a rural town or outside of a city.  UPS will charge a “rural” surcharge for their trucks to deliver to you (this is PLUS the original cost of shipping) UGH! 

        How can you save…. Use a commercial address for the shipping (if available) and order smart.  If you are going to order a lot of small things or big things (but light) throw in some heavy things too to make your shipping costs more economical.  Unless it is URGENT AND AN EMERGENCY – I never order just 1 thing from a company. I want my Shipping dollars to go far and make it worth wild of that charge.


Sometimes shipping is so ridiculous that it drives me nuts!!  I am a customer too.  I try my best to find out the best prices for every order that I make and send out.  Because it all trickles down.  I do not charge a per box fee as I have seen some websites (up to 10$ per box).  I recycle every packaging material that I receive, I will not charge for something I get for free.  My dad is a pipefitter for a big local company here in Galesburg (their name is on some of the boxes I send out).  They sometimes just throw away their boxes (what a waste), so we gather their imperfects and use them.  They also don’t use all their packing tape that are on rolls (the machines they use do not recognize the roll once it past a certain size).  This has created a huge stock pile of boxes and tape to take advantage of and huge savings that trickles down to the customers. Love that!!!!


Please be patient as I want ALL the products to be correct in the pricing and the shipping. So if you see something out of sorts, let me know and I will fix it.  Some items do not have the case quantities on here yet, that was going be one of the last things I do.  But if you notice that you need a case of an item and I haven’t updated it, please let me know.

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