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Jojoba beads are used to add color and exfoliate in cosmetics. These beads are made from jojoba wax and green color. Mesh size 20/40 (coarse). Use in CP soap, liquid soap, body scrubs and bath melts!

Why People Use This Product:
To provide mild exfoliation properties and green Color in products.

Popular Products That Use This Ingredient:
Scrubs. Liquid Soap.

Interesting Facts:
Jojoba is a nut/berry native to North America. Our beads are constructed from the wax from this plant. Mesh size: 20/40 (coarse). Incorporate .25-2% to your base product just before packaging. Melt point is 155º F. Adding to a base that is too hot it will melt the spheres.

Country Of Origin: United States

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